Meet the Meeples: We’re Obsessed with Tabletop Games

Tabletop Games Meeple
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Welcome to Oh My Meeple! We are a family of four and these are our adventures with tabletop gaming. Tabletop gaming you say? For those new to the hobby, that’s just a fancy way to say any type of game you can bring to the table, whereas the term board game is very specific to a game with a board. We like all kinds of games including card games and dice games! 

Here you will find our reviews for the tabletop games that we have explored, along with why they might make sense for you to consider playing. We approach games from several perspectives, including which games are best for the family, and which games are great for solo play. While we are fortunate to have a built-in group of gamers living under the same roof, our kids (ages 9 and 8) are still a bit young to play most heavier games. This means we are always looking for heavyweight tabletop games that work well for two players. And sometimes mom is the only one that feels like playing anything at all, so solo games are always in demand.

We also like to engage in some crafty chaos from time to time. Join us for our adventures in how we’ve upgraded our favorite tabletop games. This includes painting tiny miniatures, printing random components with the help of our trusty (aka temperamental) 3-D printer, and cutting out pieces for various print and play games. Is any of this stuff worth the effort? Stay tuned to find out…