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Elf Creek Games is Publishing Santa’s Workshop

Santa's Workshop Box Art
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I got an email from Elf Creek Games a few weeks ago announcing their upcoming release of Santa’s Workshop, and I’m so excited. This board game was originally published by Rio Grande games back in 2017, and it sounds like the whole game is getting an upgrade. There wasn’t much information in the email, and even though it’s only February, I can’t wait for them to tell us more!

Elf Creek Games

I love that Elf Creek Games is redoing Santa’s Workshop. This company produces beautiful, high quality games. I have a copy of Honey Buzz that is over-the-top cuteness. I finally took the shrink off of Atlantis Rising 2E and was blown away at the quality of the components. The retail version of Atlantis Rising is so nice, I didn’t even feel the need to buy the deluxe components. I saw a review of Merchants of the Dark Road and the components alone made me want that game too!

One of the most common complaints about the original printing of Santa’s Workshop was its lack-luster components. If Elf Creek treats this game like it’s previous games, I think it could be something really special!

What’s Santa’s Workshop all about?

Set in the North Pole, you’ll play as Elves preparing for Christmas! From what I can tell, players will use a worker placement mechanism to assemble toys, ready the reindeer, and decorate the Christmas Tree. Once Christmas is over, the Elves who have performed the best are awarded with a sunny vacation.

There is a note on the BGG page for Santa’s Workshop that there will be 2 different game modules included. The first module is designed specifically for families, which I love. There is also a more challenging variation, which I also love!

According to the email from Elf Creek Games, they did work with the original designer, Keith Furguson, to improve the game. The art for Santa’s workshop is being redone by Andrew Bosley (Everdell), and Jacqui Davis.

Everything points to this being a slam dunk for our family!

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